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I'm Lynette.


This website was designed with the primary purpose of exploring my journey through loss and grief. 


And secondly, for holding myself accountable for living with intentionality... which, to me, is not the same as "living with intention".  "Intention" suggests purpose.  "Intentionality", on the other hand, is a purposeful mindset.

By doing so, I hope my experiences and reflections can help de-stigmatize grief.  Or at the very least, energize some of you to live with more intentionality, which, to me, seems to be the healthiest by-product of grief and loss.

Grief, in my opinion, is a natural and inevitable experience among the living.  And yet society is oddly ill-at-ease with grief.

My blog hopefully does not suggest that I am an expert on grief.  If nothing else, I hope to share that there is no perfect way to grieve.  There is just... living through it.

Since 2018, I have experienced more loss in my life than would be considered my "fair share".  I hate to count them, but it is impossible to qualify the magnitude of my losses without quantifying them:

I saw the end to a 24-year career.  (Yes, this is a very real loss for anyone, no matter the circumstances.)

I lost a significant number of "beloved ones" to cancer, COVID, old age, and even violent situations.  (Truly, to call them "loved ones" does not suffice, as these are some of my most favorite people. Ever.)

...And this included a precious big brother.

...And my most beloved of all: my husband of almost-18 years.  Who was also my best friend, secret-keeper, and most trusted counselor for 5 years longer than that.  Who was also the one with whom I miraculously created two beautiful children.

If one could die of a broken heart, I think I could have died many times over.

It has struck me recently that, for as long as I live, I will experience loss.  That the events of the last few years are only the beginning.

Because I am still here, occupying space, making some kind of mark.

Because I am always going to lose something -- or someone -- for as long as I move in this world.

But I have also learned, in my journey of grief, that grief does not necessarily cancel out joy.  That it is possible for both to co-exist.

Which is not to say that I am "good at grief".

And so I blog.

Thank you for visiting.  I hope you stay for a while.


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